Party Wall Surveys

If a disagreement has arisen between you and a neighbour regarding the proposed development of a party wall, an independent party wall surveyor should be enlisted to provide impartial guidance in accordance with the Party Wall etc Act 1996. Here at Newton Associates, we can do precisely that.

The Party Wall Act was developed to prevent and resolve boundary disputes revolving around party walls and excavations near a neighbouring property. The Act works to prevent party wall disputes from ending up in court, and provides all parties with clear rights regarding the proposed work.

Party wall surveyors can be appointed by both owners of a party wall, or they can employ a single ‘agreed surveyor’ if the two owners are happy to do so. The surveyor gets to work by drawing up an agreement which notifies both parties of their rights and responsibilities.

The agreement – referred to as a ‘Party Wall Award’ – includes a Schedule of Conditions. This documents the current condition of the adjoining property so that any subsequent damage caused by the proposed work can be accurately recorded and attributed.

Certified Party Wall Inspections Throughout Chelmsford, Bishop’s Stortford & Saffron Walden

As a small private practice, Newton Associates ensure an attentive and reliable service to all of our clients. We aim to solve any party wall dispute efficiently and fairly, remaining completely impartial throughout every step of the process as we are must adhere to the code of conduct issued by our governing body the RICS.

If you share a party wall with your neighbour, be it a shared boundary separating your homes, or floor partitions between flats, and need professional advice before carrying out a structural change, make sure to get in touch with the party wall surveyors at Newton Associates today.

We operate throughout Chelmsford, Bishop’s Stortford and Saffron Walden, and offer a competitively priced, personal service to every client.